Changing the
wayYou think
about breakfast
Spoonful Founder: Bradley Gifford

Quality is our calling. Accessibility is our mission.

We created Spoonful to give people what they need to make more empowered decisions around their personal wellness. Delivering a fresh, delicious, nutritious breakfast is no easy task, but Bradley believes Spoonful is the breakfast you deserve to help you get to where you want to be every single day.

Our Founder, Bradley Gifford began wellness journey at the age of 14 when his pediatrician warned him that he was had unusually high blood pressure and was at risk of having hypertension before the age of 30. An active lifestyle and slight adjustments to his eating kept potentially dangerous situations at bey, but Bradley was still eating mostly processed foods that had high concentrations in salt and sugar.

It wasn’t until college that true impact poor food and lifestyle choices, and how much they were at the root of many of his physical and emotional struggles.

No Prep Always Fresh

Over time Bradley’s focused shifted towards understanding what made foods subjectively “good” and “bad” for us, their ingredients, and the subtle ways more or less of certain things made him feel, sleep, think and move. Inspired by each new discovery, Bradley joined a lifestyle-focused fitness company; Dogpound – and oversaw the brand’s social media and marketing efforts. It was during this time that he had some other revelations about wellness; the wellness industry is flooded with products that are designed to conjure feelings of FOMO but rarely provide people with the real tools they need to meet their goals, sustainably.

And so Spoonful was born.